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Minimising the risk of Covid-19


The welfare and safety of your family is always my first priority. I have been working hard to consider the best ways to run my classes so that you are confident that I have the precautions in place to keep you as safe as possible. 

I have rethought and reworked my class layouts, content and structures. Here are some of the things I am doing to ensure your wellbeing.

UPDATE 8/7/21

This pandemic has kept us all on our toes but as we try to move back to some kind of normality, my classes have been adapting to the wishes of the children & parents. This meant that some of the guideline listed below are easing off as we move towards the removing of government regulations at the end of July. If you are worried about the risk of coming to class, please contact me personally to find out the latest about the class you'd like to attend. 

Social Distance

I am running a show of hands at the beginning of each session to see who would like to keep distance, and who would like their children to interact. This helps those who want to remain socially distance feel more safe, but those who wish to mingle to do so. Cushions are space 1-2m apart.

Face Masks

I require all parents and carers to be masked in indoor classes. Children under the age of 11 are legally exempt from wearing masks and of course, so is anyone who cannot wear one because of any health conditions.


I will be wearing a mask when in close contact with any participants, however the nature of singing and performing means that this is not always possible. When I am unable to wear them, I will ensure to keep a safe 1-2m distance from others.


Entrances and exits to the classes will be staggered with temperatures taken on entrance.  If you or your child’s temperature is high, you will not be permitted into class.

Cleaned and Disinfected
Sanitiser Stations
Limited Class Numbers

The room will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, and all props are cleaned with alcohol at the end of each day. If there has been a class before you, you will be offered a wet wipe to wipe your prop down before use.

Child-friendly hand sanitiser and wipes will be available at all times, but I also request you bring your own for accessibility and reassurance.

I am lucky to be working from a spacious and well-ventilated room. All windows will remain open for the sessions.

Class sizes are being kept to a minimum in relation to room size to stay in line with government advice.

If you’re shielding or caring for someone vulnerable
Have symptoms?
Please, stay at home
Record of Participants
No Refund Policy

As I cannot guarantee the class is risk-free, please do get in touch with us to ask any questions relevant to your own circumstances. That way you can decide if this is a suitable place for you to attend.

If you or anyone you have been in contact with within the last two weeks have suffered any Covid-19 symptoms, please follow the government's guidelines and stay at home. 

I will be keeping a record of anyone attending so that if anyone in class comes into contact with any Covid-19 cases, I can inform those affected and follow government regulation. 

I am currently running a no refund policy. However, anyone who gives 48 hours notice or more may have the opportunity to reschedule their booking. In the event of a lockdown, all bookings will have the option of being rescheduled or transferred to an online session.

Adapting as we learn


I feel responsible for the wellbeing of my participants and have made it my priority to keep up to date with the latest guidance. This means continuously judging if it is safe to run my classes, and if it is, how it can be most safe. I promise to keep myself up to date with latest government safety guidelines regarding Covid-19, so I know how best to run my classes and can adapt in these changing times. 

Hopefully, these policies are more reassuring to you than off-putting, as I will continue to prioritise the wellbeing of us all over the desire to go back to normality. I look forward to seeing you and your smiling eyes back in class to continue to find joy in the ways we still can.

Feeling reassured? Have a look at the classes…

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