About Us

"Music stimulates the brain, the emotions, and the body simultaneously. Auditory impulses structure the way we learn to communicate. In speech, movement, and expression, music holds many nutrients for the developing mind of children."


- Campbell, Music Psychologist


My Classes

My classes are 45 minutes of interactive music for 0 to 5 year olds. All children in those ages are welcome but I would say that my content is most suitable for children from about 6 months. I aim to nurture children's knowledge of music using musical building blocks like pitch, timbre and rhythm. To achieve this, I sing and play on guitar a mixture of pieces written especially for children as well as popular songs particularly suited to young listeners. Anything from The Beatles to Hush Little Baby. As well as these sing alongs, each class adventure is educationally themed and include percussion games, story times, parachutes, bubbles, puppets and more!

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Benefits of Music

On top of being huge amounts of fun, music is also wonderfully beneficial for children’s development in a multitude of areas.


  • Speech & listening

  • Focus & concentration

  • Reading & spelling

  • Mathematics & problem solving

  • Balance & co-ordination

  • Self-esteem & confidence

  • Kindness & working together

It's is a wonderful way for children to express themselves without words and it's a brilliant bonding activity accessible from a young age.


About Me

I believe that engaging in music is something beneficial to everyone. As a professional musician, I clearly remember the inspiring musical activities of my childhood. And, most importantly, the encouragement of the tutors who nurtured my love of music. After completing a Music Diploma at the Brit School and a BMus at Goldsmiths University of London, I continue to write and perform my own music in Bristol.

Music with Maya brings together my passion for music and my love of children. Inspired by Kodaly and Dalcroze methodologies, I am committed to developing children's interaction with real instruments as well as parental involvement.

I am DBS checked and Baby & Child First Aid Trained. 

As well as baby music groups, I also perform in a Jazz Duo called Rendezblues available to hire as a two piece for events and parties. To find out more about this please see our website:


Not only this, but I am a professionally trained Massage Therapist specialising in Thai Yoga Massage & Pregnancy Massage. This is a floor based practice, fully clothed, using acupressure and assisted yoga stretching. I am able to offer treatments from my home in Hanham or in the luxury of your own home! 

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Soulful Jazz Duo

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch. No question is silly!

  • What age is your class suitable for?

Most children in my classes are between 1 and 3 years old (ie toddlers and crawlers), but I'd say the class is accessible to babies from the time they can sit up.


I do welcome parents come to my classes with younger babies, but newborns often fall in and out of sleep. Still it can still be a nice way to get out of the house, be around other parents/children and see what's ahead of you! My classes are as much for the adults as the children anyway so it's up to you.

  • Is there an age limit for your classes?


No! Nobody, child or adult, is too old for a sing-along! All are welcome: newborns, tots under 5, older kids off from school, parents, grandparents, they all gain something different from class.

  • How long is your class?

My class is 1 hour long in total including roughly 10 mins arrival time where you can get to know another parent, 45 mins of music, and 5 minutes for stickers and goodbyes.

  • Do I need to book? Or can I drop in and pay on the door?

I require bookings to be made in advance via my website as many of my classes sell out as I cap numbers to ensure class quality. However, if you turn up on the door and the class is not fully booked, you may be able to pay on the door.​

  • How much do classes cost? What is your booking system?

Single Sessions cost £6.50 for One Adult and One Child. Extra Siblings cost an additional £3.25 payable on the door. Additional Adults are welcome to join from time to time and are free.

Term Bookings are available to book a couple of weeks before each term for those who wish to book in blocks to ensure them a space every week without the hassle of repetitive booking. Price varies depending on the length of the term.


Single Sessions are only made available after Term Bookings close and are based on the remainder spaces.​

  • What if I can't make a class in the Term?

If there is a date that you can't make in the Term, let me know with 48 hours notice and I'll be happy to swap to another class date within the same Term. Alternatively you can give your space to a friend.

  • What should I bring to class?

All instruments, props, pillows and chairs are supplied but some parents bring a blanket as something soft to lie their baby on.​

  • What if I am late for a class?

Don't worry, it happens to us all - especially with little ones! You're welcome in whatever time you arrive. 

  • Can I bring an older sibling/additional sibling? How much do twins cost?

Yes, older siblings (even if over 5) are always welcome. The music is just as stimulating for them and it's great for sibling bonding! Addition Siblings cost an extra £3.25 payable by card on the door but twins are 2-4-1 in my classes so no need to pay the additional fee!

  • Do I have to pay for my newborn baby if I'm already bringing my toddler?

Additional Siblings up to 3 months old go free, but over 3 months they have to pay the Additional Siblings fee.​ 

  • Can another adult accompany me?

Additional adults are welcome to join from time to time but I encourage parents who want to come regularly to come alone as it encouraged the parents to get to know each other. However, visiting family or friends are very welcome to join class from time to time.

  • What happens if I can't come last minute?

I normally require 48 hours notice to reschedule a booking so that I have the chance to fill your space. However if I see a message cancelling before class, I try to make your space available online and if it gets filled last minute, I'll be happy to reschedule you. 

  • How many children are there in each music class?

There is a maximum of 12 space available in each of my classes with the exception of St George Community Centre which has 16 spaces.

  • Do the children play instruments? Do you use recorded music in class? Please don't tell me you ONLY sing nursery rhymes!

Of course! Every child gets up to 3 percussion instruments to play along with me and my guitar during our early sing alongs.

NEVER EVER! As a professional musician, I think it's incredibly important to use real instruments  so the children get to interact with real music!


That also why I don't just sing the same old nursery rhymes but incorporate a variety of music suitable for all ears; big and small.

  • Can I use my phone in class? 


The children get so much more out of class if their adults join in, so please support our policy in only using phones to take photos.

  • Can I take photos and videos?

You are welcome to take photos of me and your child in my class, but please refrain from taking photos of any of the other children unless you have the parents permission.

  • How do you pronounce your name!?

My name is spelt Maya and pronounced 'my-ah', like the Mayan people, but not to worry if you mix it up! There are many variations and I'm not offended at all.


"A beautiful way to start the day. Sing and play along with some familiar and some less well known folk songs.  Have loved discovering some new 'material' to sing with my little one!"

— Jack's mum