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Spark your child's confidence and creativity!

Join Maya and her guitar to explore

a world of singing and games with in-person sessions in Bristol, UK, or join from anywhere in the world online...

Group of Babies

Birthday Parties & Special Events!

Whether you're looking for entertainment for babies, toddlers or children, Music with Maya offers excellent live music, dancing, smiles, games and props that are fun for the whole family. Find the best way to make your little ones day special!

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As well as baby music groups, I also perform in a Jazz Duo called Rendezblues available to hire as a two piece (or more). To find out more about this please see our website:


Not only this, but I am a professionally trained Massage Therapist specialising in Thai Yoga Massage & Pregnancy Massage. This is a floor based practice, fully clothed, using acupressure and assisted yoga stretching. I am able to offer treatments from my home in Hanham or in the luxury of your own home! 

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Soulful Jazz Duo

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Mother and Baby on Floor

Covid-19 Update

As vaccinations have been rolled out and we begin to settle into this new life living with the virus, it has started to feel safe enough to remove the restrictions that I put in place last year. That means you no longer have to be masked in class, everyone is free to move around and class capacities are gradually increasing. I will keep on top of government guidance and if anything begins to change, I am of course ready to reintroduce these measures but for now let's enjoy seeing the smiles on each others faces!

"I am committed to developing children's musicality through interaction with live music and real instruments."

– Maya (Founder)